Really?? Like, really!!??

What the hell. It’s all too perfect how I was thinking about a potential post about the unexpected, SOL moments in life that leave us in the red, both in the face and in our checking accounts. As much as we can budget, there are always random moments of bad luck, or karma (I hope it’s just bad luck) when we have to pause and either laugh or cry as we pay again through the nose.

Today, I cried. Upon walking from Port Authority this morning, it seemed like a good morning. I woke up pretty much on time, picked out a shirt and pants with coordinating colors pretty quickly–hell, even my lunch was already made from the day before. I get on the bus and find my friend and so we chat it up as it took a brief 15 minutes to get through the tunnel. Perfect. A little too perfect, you may say.

About three minutes after crossing onto 40th Street and 8th Ave., disaster strikes. As I am bopping it out to either Elvis Costello or some random dance mix thanks to iPod’s ability to shuffle its library, I walk off the curb to get around some guy who is walking like a turtle with his stupid wheely briefcase behind him. Maybe it was bad karma due to my sidewalk rage, but as I stepped off the curb to pass, my finger got caught in my headphone wire, propelling my headphones out of my ears, my little green nano out of my unzipped tote, and flew about 10 feet ahead of me—into a puddle. Yes, one of those puddles where you can’t even see the bottom, due to random floating coffee lids and other murky, mysterious ingredients that you can no doubt spell with an “s” a “t” and a “d.” Kill me.

It was a three pointer shot. The odds of it landing into that puddle were phenomenal. It was the only puddle within twenty feet of where I was walking. Horror stricken at the thought of a) losing another iPod to water damage (I lost one back in February due to a leaking water bottle in my gym bag) b) losing another couple hundred bucks c) it’s a deadline crunch day for me when I NEED TO LISTEN TO MY OWN MUSIC AND NOW I CAN’T all flashed in and out of my head within three seconds. Before I knew it, adrenaline forced me to pluck my baby out of the abyss. I ran to the first cafe I could find, grabbing about 50 napkins to wipe it down and shake it out. It was still working at the time, but from my last experience, I knew it was in a critical state, soon to become grave, then probably flat line.

Besides slathering about an entire bottle of Purell on my hands, the rest of the walk to work was pretty grim. Cradling my iPod nano baby in ten napkins, I finally place it in my bag, zip it up, and now I wait…

It is now resting vertically against my coffee mug, hopefully drying out. The headphones are long gone, in the trash of the coffee place because I feared I would suffer from ear rot if I salvaged them. If I hear of any signs of life, I’ll let you know.

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