Tomato, Tomatoe, Ick

Yesterday was the first day that I ever bought tomatoes. Ever. Feeling good at the fact that I walked all the way to the A&P in 95 degree weather, with a market tote so I wouldn’t need to waste a plastic bag, I hit the produce section and see a bunch of basil. Hmm….yummm…I get the craving for basil, mozzarella, and of course tomato. I was actually excited because I already had the olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette for a delicious, gourmet snack that I could treat myself too after peeling off my sundress.

I get home, unpack my groceries, and check my email and a few sites before I head back to the kitchen. Then, I see this: Tomatoes Tainted With Salmonella.

I don’t know whether to be pissed that I have to throw out the tomatoes I just bought, thankful to God that I read this right before consuming such tainted produce, or dumbfounded that the only time I have ever bought tomatoes, something like this happens.

Sometimes I think we should all wear hard hats when we walk outside.

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