Word Of The Day

New word of the day alert!! According to style.com,

vocabulary lesson: recessionista

“…the younger, hipper sister of the fashionista is the recessonista, —who is at the mall finding designer threads (or diffusion designer threads) at discount prices. Look for her at Target, Uniqlo, Payless, or Kohl’s, all of whom have inked deals with designers recently. That’s because recessionistas aren’t letting a little thing like falling stock prices and rising gas bills get in the way of their wardrobe. And with the Fourth of July on the horizon, think of it as doing your patriotic duty. Says Tara Subkoff, the former Imitation of Christ designer (whose frocks occasionally hit five figures) who now does a collection for mall giant Bebe: “As Andy Warhol said, ‘What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.’ ” As usual, the man in the white wig got there first.”

As a Splenda Stealer, I would have to say that I’ve become somewhat of a recessionista myself…even before the recession. I guess anything with an “ista” at the end makes it sound like you are savvy of a subject, rather than just cheap.

Stemming from that theory, is it safe to say that when I scope out a cheap happy hour, am I a lushista? Or, how about when I secretly look for ways to be a mooch, like when I search for free samples or raid my parent’s pantry when I’m home, can I call that being a moochista? Who the hell came up with “ista” as the suffix anyway??

Wiktionary had the answer:

-ista –one who follows a principle; an adept

example: Marxista

Does anyone else find it ironic that the one example they give has communist connotations?

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