I Clearly Have A Problem

On a delightful note, I am happy to post yet another installment of my FREE COFFEE finds. Usually, on a morning where I awake on the couch/floor of a friend’s apartment in the city, the Au Bon Pain in Port Authority has increasingly become my go-to for really good coffee on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Last week, I even bought a muffin as a treat and I think, no, I know—I’m in love.

There is an Au Bon Pain about one block east, and one block south of my office, yet, I never go because by the time I trek all the way across 40th st. to get to my office, I refuse to walk any further for my coffee. Why don’t I just buy my coffee from the Au Bon Pain in Port Authority, you ask? Because it would be lukewarm by the time I got to my desk, silly. Timing is everything.

Moving along. I was alerted that there is a free coffee deal today from 2pm til closing at all Au Bon Pain locations. Sheer joy. I walk across 39th and see a really, realllllly long line and I begin to get pouty. I had made peace with the fact that there may be a wait of some sort, but this was nuts. And why do they all have luggage? And hats? And…oh wait–it was the line for the Hamptons Jitney. THANK GOD.

I get in–no line or anything. It seems that most of the customers already in there have no idea. I spy a girl my age sort of looking around, like me, for the iced coffee dispenser, or counter. It is clear we have never been in there before, and we become friends over our love of free coffee. It was a short term friendship, but a fruitful one—we figured out that the iced coffee was right by the fountain soda and you have to drink the iced coffee out of the same cups as you would fountain soda. Odd. That’s not how Cafe Metro does it, or DD. Well, they are French.

Need less to say, back in the office, I am elated. I am,


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