Friends In High Places

Last night I met up with a few girlfriends for a movie night in Bryant Park. Overall, it was just a great picnicking session, something I have wanted to do ever since I started to work in NYC. Sitting on the lawn, it almost felt surreal. Sure, you’re in a park, so in your immediate view you see much greenery, but then you look up above the trees and see these skyscrapers. Within that one park that takes up two blocks, sitting on the lawn, watching the movie and drinking wine with friends, you forget that the city is still very busily going on around you. I can’t wait to go again.

Last night’s film was 1963’s HUD with Paul Newman, but I hate to say that all of our collective ADDs kicked in and we couldn’t really pay attention to the film that was heavy on dialog and cowboy scenes, and my favorite, car rides that were so obviously shot with a screen behind the car.

But film aside, the highlight of the evening was Ria’s picnic backpack–filled with Belgian chocolates, chocolate biscuits, Margon cheese covered in rosemary, cheddar cheese and crackers, and almonds, all neatly tucked into a backpack that was even packed with a cutting board and cheese knife and dinnerware—a kit which she got for free!! She snagged the picnic kit after helping to produce/organize a tv segment focused on picnic gear. Boy did we luck out. It was enough to satiate four starving Splenda stealers. I love my friends in high places. And with two big bottles of wine that Red bought from Traders Joe’s that were only $6.99 a pop, it was a very economical meal.

Next week it’s The Man Who Came To Dinner, then Failsafe, then Arsenic and Old Lace, then The Apartment. I just love the city in the summer when there’s so many free events!

Side note: perfect time to people watch. There were people on awkward picnic dates, a few loud bums, a woman who ate her burrito bol from Chipotle without a fork, and some crazy, decked out picnic gear like neon orange pop up chairs. Good old fashioned fun. Just make sure to bring an umbrella, as we endured a few showers while waiting for the sun to go down. Quick thinking Ria and Ms. Ball O’Sunshine whipped out the umbrellas while I neatly wrapped the cheese up in napkins. Figures I would save the food before saving my own hair.

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