Oh The Horror

Oh Good Lord. I had to do something so perverse I don’t even know if I can type the words. I was brought up not to do such a horrendous thing. Ugh. Ok. I will say it. I—HAD TO GRAB ONTO THE ESCALATOR RAILING THIS MORNING!!

EWWWWWW. Ewwie. It wasn’t my own doing! I had to! Coming down from the second floor in Port Authority, the escalator completely stopped incredibly short for no good reason. Everyone falls forward a step or two, at least. Me–already paying attention to keeping my semi-low cut sundress from falling down–have my hands busy fixing my dress to bra ratio– find myself leaning forward, so I had to–I had to grab hold of that black, rubbery railing. Oh, the horror.

Thank you again, Port Authority, for making my morning commute memorable.

One thought on “Oh The Horror

  1. […] like this that make my commute all the more colorful, like the time I had to grab on to the escalator railing when I used to use the Port Authority bus […]

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