Today’s Grievances

It has come to my attention that I have been quite the “Debbie Downer” this morning. I was asked to compile a list of grievances on my mind as of this moment.

–I can’t feel the tip of my nose because it is so cold in my office

–I don’t have summer Fridays or summer hours

–fast talker (see below)

–I have heard too many “Happy Fridays” that I can bear. I’ll show you a Happy Friday…A Happy Friday would mean not seeing your face…

–I don’t have anything to do today.

–I was told to look up an article about “cheap eats,” something concerning 30 finds under $30. Um, on what planet does a $30 dinner sounds cheap?? You don’t know cheap til you’ve headed to the 99 cent pizza place. Pssh.

–I had to touch an escalator railing today (see below)

–I ate my lunch at 11:20 am because I ran out of oatmeal for breakfast. I am still hungry because my lunch consisted of jelly on a whole wheat wrap. That’s all I got. I haven’t had the chance to go grocery shopping.

–I have to go grocery shopping.

–That freaking water bug got loose. (see below)

–to be continued….

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