Playing Hooky…

[Note to COASS fans: I apologize for the delay of posting this week. In the time since last Friday, work has considerably picked up, I am about to leave for Las Vegas in a few days, and I have decided to move to downtown Hoboken (!! details to follow). Life is always like that–either there’s nothing, or everything happens all at once. Call me crazy, but I always prefer the latter…only if they are positive happenings…

Friday was HOOKY DAY for my Momma and I. (For a split second, I thought I spelled hookah. Now, that would be an interesting post, but you are stuck with this story.) Although it was about 100 degrees outside, we pick this day to be our excursion into Central Park. My mom, having lived in NYC from birth to about 32 years of age, always talks about hanging out in the park when she was younger–going on the carousel, the Alice in Wonderland statue, walking her cousin’s dog on a warm summer day….

While she hates to admit it, though I was born in NYC, I am NJ grown. I know nothing of this park except that the Reservoir is up by 97th St. and a lot of horses hang out by the 59th St. entrance, err rather, Central Park South, by the Plaza. Hello, tourist. For the longest time we have wanted to explore the park to revisit my mom’s childhood and see places where many movies have been filmed, for fun. Also, as my mom and I love, love, love food, we always have fun planning where we will go for food, or for a treat during the day, usually a sweet treat. As I keep a laundry list of places I am dying to check out, I know that a few of the cupcake/cookie destinations I have wanted to try are on the Upper West Side, so this was more motivation to visit the park.

Here are the highlights of the day:

–lunch at Bouchon Bakery in Columbus Circle. I got a ham and gruyere on baguette and wanted a Nutter Butter Cookie–a honkin’ sized sandwich cookie with peanut buttery icing in the middle for only $2.75, but we decide to wait and see what other options we come across. Worst comes to worst, we can come back…

–the carousel at Central Park was a fun ride–only $2!! You may have to shove a few kids out of the way to get to the good horses in the inside of the carousel, but that only heightened the fun for me

–two light beers at the bar in The Boathouse…didn’t feel too touristy until you take a look at the menu, which looks like it’s straight out of Disney World

–a walk up the Literary Walk, the Bethesda Fountain, the Alice in Wonderland statue, and timing it right to run past the sporadically placed sprinklers so we wouldn’t get wet

–a visit to the Buttercup Bake Shop on 72nd btwn Columbus and Amsterdam. 2 FOR 1 CUPCAKE SPECIAL. We got: a classic vanilla cupcake, a German chocolate, and….drumroll please….A PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY CUPCAKE. I am not kidding. Whipped peanut butter icing (crunchy!) with grape jelly delicately piped into the middle of the golden vanilla cake. I couldn’t even take a pic of it because it was gone that fast. My new favorite.

–an incredibly extensive conversation with the cabbie who drove us to Penn Station for our train…I was going home for the weekend. He saved us from walking through the masses of sweaty, Reebok wearing, fanny-packed tourists of Times Square. Would it be rude to say “Dude, can you just drive?”

All in all, a perfect way to play hooky.

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