Oh, The Luxury Of Stale Bread

Wow, I’m been slacking on the COASS blogs!! Sorry! Craziness has ensued between traveling, moving apartments, work and freelance-ness…and um yeah. Sometimes when I take a mini-holiday from this blog, the longer I wait, the more pressure I put on myself to wrote a kick-ass posting when I get back. Well, this post may not be kick-ass, but the inspiration behind it was enough to get my frugal juices flowing again.

While checking one of my favorite blogs, Yumsugar.com, I read a link round-up that the editor of that section tends to compile on occasion. Many blogs do this. I don’t really care for these types of posts. To me, they are the equivalent of a clip-show on a sitcom. It’s a cheap posting. Though, I’m sure that one day I will soon resort to the same, as I clearly should have done during my two week+ hiatus. Noted for next time.

But, I digress. As I was saying, I was reading a daily round-up of links. While most of the links were for recipes using fresh tomatoes (which I am still creeped out by after the whole e.coli scare) I found one titled “Some gourmet uses for leftover bread. — Boston Globe”

I have read many recipes for leftover bread, but this was the first time that I finally pin-pointed why I am always a little peeved by these recipes. WHO THE HELL HAS LEFTOVER BREAD??!! As a Splenda-stealer, every single piece of bread is accounted for: About 12 pieces in a loaf, 2 a day for my daily pb&j for my bagged lunch, maybe 2 more for a grilled cheese dinner when I decide to screw any greens or vitamin C intake for the day and succumb to a carb-fest. But leftover bread?? Is it raining bread in their kitchens? Does everyone have a wood-burning oven in their kitchen that I never knew about?? I wish I had that luxury. I even debated making my own no-knead loaf so that I wouldn’t have to go buy bread so often, as next to oatmeal, it is one of the first grocery items that I run out of. And we all know how much I loathe the A&P.

It finally occurred to me that these gourmets must mean fresh breads, like baguette or focaccia. Oh. OK. Sorry I freaked. But still, obviously these people have the luxury of not having to brown bag their lunch everyday if they can buy bread they know will go stale so quickly. So again, I ask, why should I feel bad for people who freak out over left over bread? Don’t waste my time with such silly recipes like panzanella. Or links to such. Or maybe I should just be doing my work…

One thought on “Oh, The Luxury Of Stale Bread

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