CW11 is like crack

OK. Yes. I did. Don’t judge me. CW11 has got to be the maker of all that is wrong with television today, with exception to VH1 and all of its I Love New York and Flava Flave reality shows. But for some reason, I am addicted. I. can’t. stop. I even set up my DVR to record the new crops of shows on CW11 so that I wouldn’t be chained to my couch so that I could instead be productive–go for a run, do laundry, clean the bottomless pit of clothes that is my room….

But no. I very much had to watch the shows as they were premiering. It is a combination of curiousity, a love of discussing how riduclous they are with my friends, and checking people’s comments on my fav blogs–some of which–are absolutely hilarious and get me through my workday.

Last night, I watched 90210. I thought it was pretty bad–not like Gossip Girl is good, bad–this was bad, bad. Did I watch the full 2 hour premiere? Of course, and here is a sampling of the texts I received and dished out while fully engolfed in the horror that makes up primetime television. (Stolen from Ms. Ball O’Sunshine’s blog, too….) I am E, obviously.

Texts last night between E & I during the season premiere of the new 90210.

Me : ok how about all the teachers on the new 90210 are super hot.
E: Right? I’m in love

(After the show)

Me: It was actually not that bad, I’ll def watch again.
E: Ha I thought it was terrible but I’m still going to watch! Because I’m that sad.

Though, I will give the writers credit for one thing. The new “Brandon” character is “Dixon,” and like Brandon, he likes journalism. Instead of the high school newspaper Brandon was part of with the incredibly old Andrea Zuckerman, Dixon joins the high school news station. One of the anchors is Hannah Zuckerman (we have yet to know if this really is Andrea’s daughter) and when she aired on the tv in one homeroom, one of the teachers watching said, “Wow, that girl looks old.” Anyone else pick up on that? That actually made me laugh out loud.

Next stop: America’s Next Top Model. For another two hours. Two hours of Tyra, that I am voluntarily subjecting myself to…I think I need a new hobby.

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