What the Hell

Oh Dunkin Donuts. First I love you with your 99 cent latte afternoon deal, then I hate you with your eight cent tax. Then, I love you again for being my wake-up call at 2pm on a Friday afternoon in an incredibly over-heated office (narcolepsy central), and now I hate you again:

Um, hello?? Where’s the foam?? Is this what a recession latte is really like? I’ve heard how many establishments are cutting down on ingredients or making portion sizes smaller to keep costs down, but come on…was it the fact that I gave you $1.07 in pennies that pissed you off??

One thought on “What the Hell

  1. Joanna says:

    What’s with you New Yorkers and DD? 🙂

    Down in Jawjuh, I’m having a love/hate affair with Dunkin as well. We’re off again and I am cheating on him with a local coffeehouse. Is it really that hard to get an ICED coffee, Skim Milk and sugar right? Sadly, the staff has been making it too sweet. Or with too much milk. Annoying.

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