Shocked and Appalled on a Wednesday Night

It’s 11:32 pm, I’m in the middle of writing some freelance, and I must say–I feel like I just entered the Twilight Zone.

Have you ever had something shake you to your core that you never knew you cared about? I would equate the feeling I’m having to when you have an unexpected emotion–like the feeling you get when a co-worker  you were never particularly close to leaves and you oddly sad about it?

I call it being attached to a habit. No–I didn’t quit smoking and forgot how to drive a car like that whacked out commercial on TV. Something, in my opinion, worse.


True, I still have my Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough. And Len Berman. I can’t forget that Len. But the new set makes me feel like I’m watching the old UPN. I am saddened. I am pissed. I turn into NBC as a way to comfort myself before going to bed. I’ve watched NBC since I was little enough to care about the news–or when I was hopeful that a few flurries outside would spurn into a late night, breaking news story about school closings.

My grandmother will call and bitch to my mother anytime a new achor reports. What happened to my T Wah Chang??  Who is this new girl, Felicia?? I don’t like her.

We grow attached to the people we invite into our homes through the television, and we don’t like to be shaken. We need time to adjust when one leaves to CBS, or God bless ’em, CW11. (Oh you, Jim Watkins.)

When the set changes, it’s just as bad. Even worse–the logo changed! Look at it–it looks like it’s from the 80s, and I was in single digits in the 80s, so it really freaks me out for some reason. What year is it? How old am I??

Maybe I’m overreacting. But come one NBC. A little warning, a little pull-me-over to the side explanation would be nice the next time you decide to switch things up.

And to top things off, Janice Huff is wearing pink leather!

Ugh. I’m going to bed.

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