On NYE plans…

My friend sent me a link of New Year’s Eve plans in clubs and lounges in NYC. Some of the tickets go up to well over, well, almost $200…even for the dives that you would usually pay someone not to invite you to.

In a gchat convo today, discussing the ticket rate for a club called Pressure, J asked me if a $75 open bar from 10-2 AM sounded good. It sounds justifiable, for some. But then again, you have to remind yourself that you are speaking to a Splenda Stealer, who this week ran out of the supply her Mommy bought her, so has been on a klepto-fit, grabbing yellow packets left and right. I found two pink packets in my winter coat, and I was so excited my friend actually thought I had found money. (I also act this way when I find quarters.)

Our sad little convo on gchat:

J: there are a ton of places listed on that site

if you see something that catches your eye
let us know
because we have no set plans
me: ok, yeah i briefly looked yesterday

J: cool

so is $75 around your price range?
me: well from 10-2 i can see that as justifiable

my real price range is like $20
but i don’t really live within my means anyway
Mom and Dad are so proud.

2 thoughts on “On NYE plans…

  1. Dan says:

    So what did you end up doing for New Year’s Eve?

  2. emsilees09 says:

    After my indifference toward NYE as a “fun” holiday, I almost ended up not doing anything in protest, but decided to go over a friend’s apartment and drink wine and champagne, then go to a bar around the corner to ring in the new year. The grand total for NYE festivities: $27, due to my friend/generous host, and a very generous bartender. 🙂

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