Damn It, Damn It

DAMNIT! Damn it.

I believe I have met my limit of peanut butter. Well, the limit of peanut butter one can consume in one day. After realizing that all the dirty knives in the kitchen sink were mine, all covered in peanut buttery residue, I knew I had met my match. My body ached for some veggies and food that was not a carb, starch, or processed nut product.

Scene: 8 PM, Sunday night, desperate for real food before Big Love, after walking my sis who visited back to the train station, I passed by Garden of Eden, which is literally an Eden of gourmet foods. The piles of fresh produce, neatly wrapped cheeses, and $10.00 bottles of tomato sauce left me so overwhelmed I was left walking in circles before I could decide what I wanted to buy. Half a basket of items later and my wallet $31.00 lighter, I was on my way to a scrumptiously healthy din din.

By the time I got home, I binged on hummus, but the next night, thanks to 101cookbooks.com, I enjoyed this:

dscn0278 Meat-lovers, cringe! Carmelized tofu with brussel sprouts and pecans. It was amazing.

Because I knew that my shopping total was not going to be low anyway, it forced me to shop for a healthy meal based on ingredients, rather than choosing items based on monetary value.

I didn’t mean for this post to get so serious. I’m sorry. Just some food for thought.

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