This Blog Is Diabetic-Friendly

Every sweet or sarcastic remark on this blog is dusted with a little Splenda so that even my Diabetic friends may indulge.

Last Sunday was a day to mosy around the Lower East Side. The LES is an interesting place; the grunge, the history, the dichotomy between chi chi brunch spots tucked in and around old tenement buildings and clothing lines really makes every block in this neighborhood like no other.

After our chi-chi brunch at The Stanton Social, the sis and I headed north to a destination thrift shop, called Cure Thrift Shop. I use the term “destination” to clairfy; this thrift shop is like no other. Yes, it supplies discounted high-end clothing and accessories, but with a saccharine twist— all sales go to Diabetes research. My sis is member of the team, and I act as a cheerleader of the cause, so we were both really excited to check out the goods.

From the store’s website:

“Imagine Neiman Marcus meets Sotheby’s at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and the Marrakesh Bazaar, right across from Fifth and Worth Avenues, with a pinch of Woolworth’s and a page from the Old Curiosity Shop thrown in…just for good measure.”

How could you not be intrigued? The founder was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes when she was 11 years old, and in July 2008, she streamed her passion for second-hand goods with her personal mission: to dedicate her life to finding a cure for diabetes, via the East Village in Manhattan. From clothing, shoes, bags, and homewares, all sales benefit the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

I think this is absolutely fabulous. Even more exciting was that for the six month anniversary sale, all clothing was 50 percent off, and the clothes were in great condition and ridiculously cheap.

I found a COOP Barney’s blouse for $50, but because of the sale, it was only $25—and it counts as a donation to a hell of a cause. I was happy to do my part.

I wore the blouse to work today:

Fashion and philanthropy. A perfect duo. Sweet.

Cure Thrift Shop. 111 East 12th St., New York, NY 10003

One thought on “This Blog Is Diabetic-Friendly

  1. Liz says:


    Thank you for mentioning Cure Thrift Shop on your blog! I am so happy that you found us (and your blouse). Stop in often – we put new merchandise out every day and it will always be inexpensive! The sale is going on all week long – stop in and introduce yourself!

    -Liz, Founder, Cure Thrift Shop

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