Spotted: Wednesday evening, walking up to the UES,  SS (Splenda Stealer) was on her BB when she was distracted by the glimmer and reflection of stage lights across a line of trailers outside an apartment building and a synagogue. SS overheared a man with a walkie-talkie mention two golden words: Gossip Girl to two curious onlookers. SS immediately slipped her BB into her coat pocket and quickened her pace to secure a spot closer to the set behind five Europeans, excitedly whispering Das ich gut GOSSIP GIRL!! and two other giggling, 20-something aged girls.

A giddy SS dug again into her coat pocket for her BB and called Ms. Ball O’Sunshine who cried LUCKY!! into her BB, and then again, quickly hung up when crew members called for quiet on the set. SS cursed her BB for not having a camera while a women from the crew yelled at traffic to drive by faster to get out of the shot. Gossip Girl is the ruler of the city.

Enter: C (Chuck Bass, aka, Ed Westwick) from the apartment building, walking closer to SS. SS looks to her right to find a limo pulled up beside her and the other stalkers observers. C has to walk directly next to her, read: the fibers from his extremely tailored, black cashmere coat kissed the fibers of her 100 percent wool shell Banana Republic coat, made in the Phillippines. C’s height was an inch or two taller than SS, who stands 5’6” in flat boots. He is even better looking in person.

The rest was hazy for SS. Something about a scene filmed with B (Blair Waldorf, aka Leighton Meester) who met him outside the apartment building, then the pair jumped behind the limo when another on-screen mystery couple existed the hotel or synagogue, SS couldn’t tell. The 30 degrees out temperature made for SS’s eyes to tear up, yet all was right in the world.

Cold and delirious, SS quietly backed away from set after her version of Gossip Girl LIVE, to reconvene her trek to meet Ria at Spice on 73rd for Thai. SS walked an extra avenue in the wrong direction by mistake, as she was so enamored by what she just witnessed.



One thought on “SPOTTED

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, that’s amazing!

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