Go Yellow!!

I like to think I’m a team player. Go team Blair. Go Giants (or Redskins if my Dad is reading). Go Man U (if Matt is reading).

And now…GO YELLOW!!

From the NYTimes article in this week’s Dining section:

courtesy NYTimes.com

courtesy NYTimes.com

For the last decade the big three — pink packets of saccharin, aspartame in blue and sucralose in yellow — have fought to a kind of stalemate. But now a new player, dressed in green, hopes to shift the balance of power, opening up the $1.2-billion-a-year world of fake sugar to all kinds of changes.

The Food and Drug Administration agreed in December that rebaudioside A, an extract from the leaves of the stevia plant, is safe to add to food and drinks.

And: The makers of Splenda, which holds more than 60 percent of the retail market, have just introduced Sun Crystals, a mix of sugar and stevia that has five calories per serving. Sugar has 15 calories per teaspoon.

Confessions of a Sun Crystals Stealer? Confessions of a Stevia Stealer? I’m going to start sounding like patchouli wearing crystal meth addict.

This Splenda Stealer is getting nervous.

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