Have Splenda, Will Travel

I’ve decided to plan a trip to New Zealand. I know, I know. I bitch about paying $8 for a box of Splenda but I’ve decided to embark on an adventure where the round-trip airfare alone costs over $1,000?? But please, let me explain: one of my best friends (who am I kidding, it’s Ms. Ball O’Sunshine, a regular on this blog) is moving there for about a year or so, so I will have a place to stay and hang out with when I arrive in the southern hemisphere, and how many times will I ever know someone in New Zealand?? I think it’s safe to say there’s a slim to none chance (so you’re saying there’s a chance??…sorry, I couldn’t resist the Dumb and Dumber reference) that will happen again.

At this point in my life, I’m still in that frame of thought where I really don’t care where I stay/stash my stuff/catch some zzzz’s, as long as it’s cheap. When I traveled abroad in the UK, when I was traveling outside of my home base of Bath, you could find me in a creepy hostel bunk-bed complete with an 80’s-themed cartoon character comforter for 12 euros a night, or on a sofa of one of my other friends studying abroad like me in another country. The young are resilient that way. We may wake up with a slight kink in our necks, but we’ll sleep anywhere. Bathtubs, cars, a corner with a pillow or balled up jacket for a pillow. As long as it’s cheap or free. And, you usually get a great story out of it, or if not, in the very least, you can at least sound like you lead a crazy life by always referring to that one time you were woken up by a fleet of drunken Irishmen sticking chips from McDonald’s practically up your nose at 4am, or to the site of an old woman drying her unmentionables by an open window next to your head in 32 degree weather. (I really thought it was a youth hostel when I booked it, I swear).

When you’re older, it’s a different story. You’ve grown accustomed to the finer things in life. When you vacation, you want/need that chocolate on your pillow. To get away from home is a plan to pamper yourself away from work, the kids, etc. Also, by then, perhaps you have arthritis or sprouted a new allergy of dust and you honestly can’t curl up in your friend’s dog bed. You could also risk looking cheap if you never spring for a hotel.

Lucky for me, I am 25 and still don’t really care where I sleep, though sleeping on the floor makes me all stuffy. And my hip always hurts in the morning. Is my body trying to tell me to grow up a little??

Annnnyway, back to cheap travel plans, which is what this post is supposed to focus on. A few weeks ago I had a little get-away to Boston, a town (I can’t call that a city) that I really enjoy visiting. The twin is an admission counselor at a university and had to attend a few college fairs in Beantown and I was invited to go along for morale support. Invited, elected myself, whatever. The best part of the trip, besides bonding with my twin sis, was that most of it was free!! As an incredible mooch, I was the passenger in the rented car that my sis drove up to Boston and then stayed in her hotel room with her. All I had to pay was for food and booze.

Splenda Stealers can travel! The next time you want to take a vacation or get-away, write down a list of people whose company you really enjoy and then map them out geographically. In the fall I saw one of my friends, whom I studied abroad with, who now lives in Chicago. I got to see a new city and catch up with a great friend, and one of these days I’ll even post the pics.

Alas, here are a few pics from my trip to Boston with the twin:


We had a few more gems, but sadly, the twin lost her camera!! So I guess it wasn’t completely a cheap trip for her…

2 thoughts on “Have Splenda, Will Travel

  1. kristicu423 says:

    Hurray! Plan that trip lady! P.S. The travel company I went through give discounts for friends and family….I’ll supply details later!

  2. I actually have a twin brother. As long as you know people in foreign places, it’s a good idea to have “pit stops” in places here and there.

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