HOLY YOGA PANTS!! The foot is better!! Although I had to cancel my plans for The Great Saunter, held last Saturday, which was to be a 32 mile hike around the edge of Manhattan for 12 hours, I believe I will be ready to kick it this Saturday for SELF magazine’s Workout in the Park, a day of fitness classes and goodies in Central Park. I cannot wait.


A whole day of fitness outside, in the park of all parks?? Yes please! I’m fairly confident my foot will behave, as I have laid low from jogging and power-walking for over a month now. It’s still a teensy wheensy sore when I wake up, but after some stretches it’s much better.

Behold the break-down of the event:

Join us at the year’s coolest clean energy movement! It’s an explosion of power when thousands of high-octane women in your city hit the park for knockout workouts, beauty treatments and product samples.

All events are 11AM – 3PM. Rain or Shine!

I also took a peek at the line-up of classes, and there is one class that includes the use of mini-trampolines. All I have to say it that everyone better move outta my way for that line, though aren’t events like this supposed to encourage that pound your chest, hear me roar synergy?? I can’t help that I get competitive in crowd situations.


What will also be nice, compared to the free Women’s Health Are You Game event last July, is that this event is only open to those who buy tickets. While not free, (I know, I know, but it’s only $15 and that includes a magazine subscription) it will ensure that lines to the smaller classes or free goodies won’t be an hour+ long. Maybe we’ll also spy some celebrity babies, like last time. Who knows.

I’m tossing my new Victoria Secret yoga pants, some sunscreen, and a water bottle into a backpack. And maybe a granola bar or two. The only thing I have left to plan is which classes to choose. Since I’m going with a few friends, to rid the day of nail-biting indecision, maybe we can just take turns choosing a class, every 35 min. It should be fun.

As an additional note, I wanted to add that this free, 45 min yoga-plus video on the Exercise TV site really kicked my ass last night. By the end of the 45 minutes, the instructor, Elise Gulan, pretty much left me sweaty, curled up in fetal position, assuring my sacrum that it was a good workout and that I will get stronger. It was an amazing workout, even if every five minutes I had to call out, HOW THE F IS SHE DOING THIS??!? I highly recommend.

One thought on “GAME ON!!

  1. mary says:

    Yes!! I can’t wait for this, let me know when you want to plan our class schedule!

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