Rated: Two (Injured) Fingers Up

A decade ago, it was en vogue to show your lack of appreciation for someone, as the great Smashmouth once sang, “…with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an ‘L’ on her forehead…”

Nowadays, my finger and my thumb have adapted to the times, becoming trigger fingers, mutating, aka, self-stream-lining themselves to fit my everyday obsession with copying and pasting links to my friends through email and Gchat. Command copy, command paste. Command C, Command V. Over, and over, and over, again.

Swimmers shave their legs to reduce friction in the water and increase speed. My fingers chose to exert its tendons for speed in awkward positioning (I was never good at typing with the home row) that I am now sporting athletes’ finger; my wrist is freaking killing me. On a whim, I scotch-taped my pinky to my ring finger and oddly enough it helped the discomfort. When I whined on the phone to my mom, an occupational therapist, she felt bad and sent my dad to work with this blue tape I could use to wrap my fingers, which I happily dropped by his office one morning to pick up.

She said its the same material football players use to tape their fingers. I’m just a dork with a blogging injury. photo-62

Regardless, if copying and pasting links has given me an injury, they must be quite a find. I thought I should share with you some of the gems I have found. Enjoy.

DailyLit: I can’t allow myself to go into Barnes and Noble or other book stores because I will just stomp and pout because I will want to buy every interesting title. I do have a library card, but the library in Hoboken is small and limited. This site allows you to receive short book installments by email or RSS feed and you can choose the days and times you want to read.

Photojojo: This site’s newsletter features some of the coolest projects I have seen with photography. I don’t even have one of those tricked out SLR’s, but I can try and fake it with their tips.

The Dinner Party Download:Love the idea of hosting a dinner party but are afraid your ability for witty table banter falls short? This blog and podcast streams unconventional news, cuisine and culture topics to help give you the edge you need.
The Mogg Blogg: When it seems like the design world can get all high and mighty with “concepts,” these two women tell it like it is: those prints don’t match and look atrocious.
Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook: Self-explanatory and hilarious. Be sure to look for the post where a daughter’s newsfeed says she’s newly single after a break-up, and her mom commented “Yay!”

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