Caught Yellow Handed

Ashley from, a fellow blog about the daily happenings of a 20-something, left me a comment that made me laughing out loud:

…When I came across your blog, specifically your blog title, I suddenly understood why my former district manager had such an issue with putting Splenda on the condiment stand. I had to repeatedly assure her that yes, we do keep it on the stand, and no, people do not pocket it/our location does not go through an excess of Splenda.

HAHA. What made this even more funny was that I had just drafted a post about this very subject. Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more coffee shops and stops have been keeping Splenda behind the counters so that you have to specifically ask for the packets of yellow. This has actually made me cut back, because I can’t bare asking for as many packets that I usually put in my coffee in the privacy of my own kitchen.

This situation leaves me with a mix of emotions:

1) a sigh of relief because I’m not the only person who “borrows” extra Splenda,

2) guilt that I’m at direct fault for hurting the bottom line at my usual coffee haunts. What’s next? My face plastered behind the counter, with a WANTED: DO NOT SERVE TO THIS MOOCHER?

Did I help lead this frugal trend, or am I just a follower, subconsciously mimicking the behavior of the Splenda Stealers that came before me? Nature, or nurture??

One thought on “Caught Yellow Handed

  1. Brian says:

    This might be slightly off topic but for the love of God, why do chicks watch the Batchlerette? I checked in on Monday just to see what the hell was going on and I waited one hour for an answer that did not come. It was seriously confusing…I was drunk on stupidness. Please expain.

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