Graduation Day

June is always the “Grads and Dads” month. Given the spirit of all the graduations that occur during this time of the year, I would like to announce that I have one to celebrate as well:

I have graduated from taping my fingers to wearing a splint on my right wrist.

Photo 79No, they did not have any nude-colored ones at CVS. I checked. I may try to bedazzle it though, the black and the yellow letters that spell out FUTURO like a neon sign aren’t really my thang.

Apparently, I really do have a blogging injury. I have what is called ECU tendinitis, diagnosed by my mom’s friend. (Thanks Brenda!!)

ECU Tendinitis is a condition common among people who play racquet sports or basketball and involves an inflammation of the tendon that runs along the back of the wrist on the pinky side. Baseball pitchers may suffer from this when their throwing mechanics are deficient.

Any repetitive action from a non-ergonomicaly correct position that entails twisting or backward flexing of the wrist—like returning a tennis ball or shooting a basket—can put strain on the ECU tendon to the point of tenderness, pain and actual tearing. Malposition of the hand while using a mouse or computer keyboard may also be a contributing factor. –DingDingDing.

I tried to do some yoga with the split the other night, which was a tremendously bad idea. If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m an extremely impatient person. But, it no longer hurts to type with my splint of a friend, so you may all breathe easy that the Splenda Stealer will keep up with her posts.

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