(No Subject)…

As someone who writes for a living, there are times when a topic will fall into your lap that you are less then enthused to, well, write about. But, as my dad says (who is an editor himself) being a professional doesn’t always mean loving every single word you punch into the keyboard; rather, it’s about getting the job done. He hit the nail on the head.

But as far as this space goes, I don’t care about professionalism–in these regards. I want to enjoy every blog post I conjure up here, and until I feel inspired, I would rather not post. My best posts come from an inner giddiness fired up with my desire to share. I never want someone to leave this blog thinking, “Well, I’m never going to get those minutes back.”

Hence my current dilemma. Busy with a friend’s wedding, hopping down to the Jersey shore on the weekends, and a few freelance gigs, when I have found a spare moment to log into wordpress.com and then click on “Add New Post,” sadly, this is as far as I have gotten. With so much to think about, it’s been a bit overwhelming for my mind to focus on an angle to deliver a post with a point.

And it’s not as if I haven’t tried.

a visual of me thinking...I smell something burning...

a visual of me thinking...I smell something burning...

I have about five drafts sitting in in my blog dashboard, sadly staring at me. Their titles are (no subject). Yeah, no kidding.

In any case, I hope the creative juices will start to flow again, but in the meantime, I hope you have been enjoying my columns in Hoboken Progress.

PS–I scored a free Quaker Oats Chewy Bar as I headed to the PATH station yesterday morning. Sweet.


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