No Fair…I Have To Wait Til November

As we are all well aware, I really do love freebies. I’m not “in like” with them–I LOVE them, and that is not a word I use lightly.

Coincidentally, it was just the other day that my co-worker asked me if I ever shopped at the now defunct grocery store Grand Union, back in the days when I was small enough to fit in my mom’s shopping cart. We reminisced/drooled about the Grand Union cookie club–a “club” where little kids got a card they could flash at the cookie counter for a freebie. This was the best deal ever, until you were about 11 or 12, and we turned from cute to awkward, and we weren’t allowed anymore freebies.

Anyway, today’s posting on NYC Daily Deals made me think about this when I read about the other free cookies and drinks you can collect on your bday, since today is the site editor’s bday.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the heads up.



If only I could make a fake i.d.s to score freebies when it’s not my bday…

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