Fan Mail!

As much as I love Gmail, there’s a small part of me that longs to be greeted by that “You’ve Got Mail” from AOL, back in the day. It got me though the rough times, and by rough times I mean pulling my hair out from the sound of the dial-up connection.

Anywho–I meant to post this email from a reader a few weeks ago, but well, I just forgot! This email brightened my spirits and helped lift my writer’s block!

Hey Emily,

Was following your blog and saw that you were having a case of writers block. I thought it would be a nice idea to go around my building, snag some Splenda and then mail it using company letterhead and supplies (there’s a lot of time to kill here). I got as far as licking the envelope when it struck me that mailing an envelope full of white powder to a Manhattan office building might not go over so well with certain branches of law enforcement and the postal service. Then I got sad that those types of thoughts even exist.  Anyway, I decided to snap a photo of my treasure chest as proof. You’re welcome to the Splenda but the honey bunches of oats are mine.



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