A List Maker’s Dream

By the time I finally collapsed on the couch to enjoy yet another wonderfully creepy episode of True Blood, I had accomplished three summer goals:

–to check out the South St. Seaport because I never have

–to check out one of the Water Taxi Beaches (they have three locations in Long
Island City, the South St. Seaport, and Governor’s Island)

–walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Done and done. I felt both victorious and exhausted, because that is a lot to do in one afternoon. I literally felt like I had walked all the way back to Hoboken as well.

Here are a few snapshots from the day:


the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the South St. Seaport


those blue plastic trees are rooted in the sand of the Water Taxi Beach


brunch stop on Beekman Place at Fresh Salt, delightful!


we finished before I remembered I had my camera, oops


before the hour walk, across and back


this couple in front of us where true power walkers and great to keep up with




"Back of every great work we can find the self-sacrificing devotion of a woman." Amen.


In Brooklyn! I wanted to see how far the walk continued in Dumbo, and we found this strange sign. No pretzels on the bridge??

As I said, that was only one afternoon. Saturday, the roommies and I hopped in between raindrops to brunch at The Elysian in Hoboken for some croque madams and frites, then shopped the boutiques. Two fun filled days, with a side of a kick ass yoga class Saturday morning, and karaoke Saturday night, and my weekend was chocked full–just the way I like it.

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