A night of complete bacon debauchery…

This past weekend, I participated in one of the most gluttonous experiences of my life, and so completely worth it and even better than the time I practically devoured an entire chocolate cake…but that’s another story all together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Baconstock ’09: one night of complete bacon debauchery. Porkapalozza and Pigtopia were runners up in the title race, but we decided that adding the “stock” was the strongest contender and the best way to convey the potential awesomeness of the event.

And it surely delivered. After a few nights/slow work afternoons of searching the internets for inspiration, we planned a sort of tasting menu around the wonderful, fantastical pork product, and after short stop at the grocery store, got down to work. I forgot to jot down portion sizes for the ingredients, so we eyeballed pretty much everything, but overall, the ingredients, tools and baking techniques required were pretty simple.

After much deliberation, and a few beers, we decided that the winner of the night was the Trifecta Cookie: a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon, a combination born out of some indecisiveness between making a chocolate chip bacon cookie recipe, or a peanut butter cookie recipe. Believing that all three ingredients taste good enough on their own, we dared to combine all three into a holy trinity that blew our minds. If only this theory applied to more situations in life.



To celebrate the glorious existence of the salty, smoked meat by eating it.

Rule #1:

No burning of ingredients.

Rule #2:

Bacon must be used in each recipe, and incorporated in each bite.

Rule #3:

More rules may be made as necessary, especially if beer or bourbon becomes involved.


Appetizer: Bacon-wrapped Bananas


Entrée: Inside-Out BLTs


Dessert: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and Bacon Cookies


We. Did. Good.

Plus, this is all even funnier by this Jim Gaffigan clip:

3 thoughts on “A night of complete bacon debauchery…

  1. The inside out, upside down BLT is something I plan to make. But, bacon in chocochip cookies? That is just wrong and unamerican.

  2. Becki says:

    Wow, that all sounds amazing! And so very delicious. I meant to send you this recipe for dark chocolate and bacon cupcakes, here: http://agoodappetite.blogspot.com/2008/04/dark-chocolate-bacon-cupcakes.html

    Guess it’s a little late now, but if you ever repeat The Baconing, there’s an option!

    (By the way, I know you said you winged it when you guys made the cookies, but do you have a basic recipe you went off of? I might have to give those a shot…yum!)

  3. emsilees09 says:

    Thanks!! Will definitely have to try those cupcakes out as well for the Baconstock sequel.

    For the cookies, we took a pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie mix, added a cup of chunky peanut butter (or smooth) and chopped up six slices of bacon. The strips we used were just under crispy, so you may want to play around with the crisp factor because the texture will change during the baking, but we were pleasantly surprised how delicious they were.

    It probably also helped that we made the cookies with a stick of butter, because at that point, we were going all out with the calories, haha.

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