She’s a beaut!

Ladies and gentlemen—last week, I stepped one small foot by turning 26, and one giant leap away from my generation by becoming the proud new owner of a……TYPEWRITER.

Although a bit frustrated that I can’t even use the “Courier” font in this blog to type the word “typewriter,” I believe most of you know what this machine can do. It types. Loudly. And it dings when you hit the….the thing…well, I’m still learning the terms. All I know if that it has ink now…and that in the future I will have to refill it with a ribbon. That’s all for now.

It was similar to getting a Ouji board for my 12th birthday. Pulling it out of its case, I set it on a table and just stared at it. I know what it supposedly did, but I still thought…what does it do??

It’s quite fitting how the first message I typed was this:

Ahh yes. No “Edit:Undo.” Keyboard shortcuts are no match for this grandmother of print.

Still figuring out its age, I’m not quite sure if I feel like a Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman, due to my typewriter’s mustard hue, or if it dates a bit further back, but I’m sure after some more researching I will figure this out. It helps to feel in the moment with the machine, and so while I may be donning a modern “lob” (a longer bob) I envision myself with my hair flipped, biting a pencil in between my teeth with horn-rimmed glasses as I punch out timely articles or thank you notes. This will also come greatly in handy for all my complaint letters that I’ve previously mentioned.

She (name to be determined) may feel uneasy next to my Mac, Blackberry, and Nano, but will surely make friends with the following replicas of archaic items I have in my room, including a rotary dial-styled phone and a clock radio that looks like an old-time radio. At least she’s not a replica. She’s the real thing, which will help with her self-esteem.

In Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald’s character, Andie, tells her friend who is slow dancing in her prom dress from the ’60s, “Iona, you’re gonna OD on nostalgia.”

While I may not be OD’ing on my own nostalgia, I’m definitely tripping on past lives.

Mine's an orangey-mustard color...

Thanks CP.

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