Re: I Get Perks Too Ya Know!!

This post will not only welcome my blog into a new year and a new decade, but it will also serve as a testament as to why I really need to stick to my New Year’s resolution of working on my time management skills. You see, after a day of procrastinating about putting together a few late time sheets for a freelance gig, in the middle of everything, I pop a gumball in my mouth, and the instant rush of sugary delight on my tongue drove my right hand to click and open to blog, rather than to open Microsoft Word to finish my time sheets. Oops.

It will be brief, but it must be written.

In the past, I’ve blogged about the types of perks I get from working at a magazine. Free samples such as pillows, sheets, duvet covers, and towels may not flow as freely into the office as they once did, but I’ve also mentioned the other truly random gifts we get from PR reps, like the plastic Las Vegas martini shaker set I received complete with candy cigarettes.

A few days before Christmas, gift bags were delivered to our office. Upon tearing away pink tissue paper, I found this:

Well. Isn’t that special? If anything, it just proves how any toy on my desk will inevitably distract me. After a few days of only pink gumballs, I finally hit the mother load today: one pink, one green, AND one orange!

OK. Back to being productive…for now…

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