Next Object of Desire: A Crockpot

I love toys for the kitchen, and even when I come into ownership of a food processor, or a blender (don’t you love when your roommates possessions become your own? Their birthday presents are mine too…even if only for another lease term) my appetite is never satiated. I want the next item on my list.

Lately, I’ve been crushing hard on the idea of owning a dutch oven. Maybe I will be able to become an owner of one when I have the ability to not giggle when I say its name. Dutch oven.

Anywho, I’ve had my eye on Le Creuset dutch ovens for some time now. The shapes. The sizes. The colors. Drool. Oh, the sheer amount of Jim Lahey’s “no-knead bread” loaves I could bake brings a tear to my eye. Yet, the price of such candy colored cookware is a bit out of my price rage, and so I will have to wait for another birthday or Xmas present.

So, while I wait another six or seven months, I have now found a new apple of my eye: the crockpot, and this post I just read on only added more fuel to the fire.

Though I have self-declared myself as the queen of stretching food, this guy from Brooklyn is the king of the same practice, with the help of a crock-pot.

As also noted by the editor, “Please consult a medical professional before embarking on any diet plan, especially one involving skipping breakfast and spending more money on drinks than food.”

Bill, the king, documents his week in crockpottery and debauchery. In a week he spent a total of $12.30 for food, and $101 in drinks. While I think that ratio may not be too nutritious, the idea that you can live on a budget with a social life is a noble one, (and what my blog is all about!). He also lists a recipe for a chicken, mushroom, and pasta recipe that looks kickin’.

The King of stretching food...courtesy of

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