Excitement and Impatience in Hoboken

From the May 14th Edition of Hoboken’s Progress:

I know it’s not the best idea to self-diagnose yourself, but I can’t help it. With so many WebMd type of websites out there, even answer sites like Yahoo! Answers seems like they have responses for every question imaginable. Type in a question like, “why does my foot hurt,” and you will arrive at a plethora of conditions just waiting to be discovered.

I believe that I suffer from an overactive fascination with exploring all things in this area. I believe it’s seasonal, as this condition affects my attention, especially during the warmer months.

Signs of the warmer months to come in Hobo...

Symptoms include: dog-earring every Time Out New York and New York Magazine that I read, bookmarking New York and Hoboken blogs on my computer, and leaving about 15 tabs and windows open on my computer, loading with interesting activities I’ve found to do, from museum exhibits to movies in the park. All this is happening, usually while at work. If I get one second that isn’t weighed down with a deadline, I compulsively Google for things to do outside in the sunshine, then match my desired agenda with my calendar.

You have no idea how many times I’ve refreshed links that will eventually reveal the “Movies Under the Stars” schedule for the summer on Pier A in Hoboken, or the HBO film series they play in Bryant Park.

Another side effect of this condition is an incredible lack of patience, due to acute excitement.

I’ve become so spoiled. There is so much to do in this area, I get overwhelmed picking and choosing what I want to do on days that I happen to find myself with a free afternoon.

Last Sunday I was lucky—my free Sunday filled quickly with the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. It was perfect timing for a day to explore locally with friends.

Other times, I’m not so lucky. As of right now, I find myself faced with gorgeous weather, matched with a late dinner reservation in the city. My mind is now swimming with ideas for how to fill up my time until dinner.

Another side effect is indecisiveness.

Perhaps the boyfriend and I could check out Gallery Week, which runs from neighborhood to neighborhood from Chelsea to the Lower East Side, or maybe we could explore the new Limelight Marketplace, an old Episcopal church, now filled with 60 retail shops, including a Grimaldi’s outpost, on 20th St. and 6th Avenue.

Or, maybe we could hop back over the Hudson and enjoy the Riverwalk in Hoboken, and get a drink and sit outside, since the outside dining offerings we have here are infinitely cozier and intimate than the city’s, since it’s much quieter out here.

Though my attention may be limited and imagination heightened due to the sheer amount of opportunity for fun things to do, I would not have it anyway, since another side effect of my condition is happiness that there is never a dull moment.


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