Continuing with the “jazz for breakfast” diet, Wes Montgomery made a lovely addition to my morning commute…

To change things up a bit, this week’s addition of “The Splenda Stealer Diet” will be a music diary, instead of a food diary. Although I can attest that Clint, aka, the bf of this Splenda Stealer, aaka (also, also known as) the bass player of Men and Whales, is a bona fide burger fanatic, enjoys the occasional late night Hot & Spicy Shim cup, and has a slight obsession with Portobello mushrooms and onions, I also believe that he has the unique ability to survive on decibels rather than calories.

They say that as long as a person has water, he or she can survive for a long time without food. For Clint, it would have to be music.

Let’s take a look at his week of listening.


= Clint listening on the subway

Monday, August 16th

To work—John Coltrane: Blue Train

From work—Lady Gaga, and then Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

For me, Coltrane has proven time and time again to be a great way to ease into the morning.  There’s nothing like nice jazz to get the day going, especially for the first commute of the week. On the other hand, Lady Gaga has been a sort of test for myself. I didn’t really get what the big deal was about her.  It seemed like typical pop music to me, but for some reason people whose musical taste I respect, seem to be all about her!  So, it’s been an ongoing routine for me to sprinkle some of her tunes into the mix… I can’t say I’ve fully gotten it yet, but she does have some damn catchy songs.

Tuesday, August 17th

To work—Wes Montgomery: Fingerpickin’, and The National: High Violet

From work—Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2nd half), Umphrey’s McGee: Nokia Theater 02/25/10 (2nd set)

Continuing with the “jazz for breakfast” diet, Wes Montgomery made a lovely addition to my morning commute.  The National is a band that came highly recommended to me from a good friend, so I decided to work them in the mix.  Pretty good, moody stuff…

You’ll also notice that there’s a lot of Phoenix on this list.  Aside from a general recent obsession with their latest album, this was right around the time that I found out they were going to be playing Madison Square Garden in October.  So, they’ve been particularly a constant for the past few weeks in preparation for maximum rocking during that show.

Wednesday, August 18th

To work—The Roots – How I Got Over

From work—Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, then the Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca, and 311: Uplifter

The day started with the new Roots album that I had acquired the night prior.  More on the mellow side; nice for the morning listening.

The commute home featured (SURPRISE!) Phoenix!  Also, The Dirty Projectors are opening for Phoenix at the MSG show, so in order to enjoy every possible facet of the show, research into their catalog became necessary.

As for the last entry, one thing that I catch a lot of flak for is the fact that one of my favorite bands is 311.  Yes, I realize it’s not 1996 anymore, but I just can’t help myself.  I make no apologies for this fact…everyone should be entitled to at least one embarrassing pick in their top five.

Thursday, August 19th

To work—Umphrey’s McGee: Mantis

From work—Ryan Adams: Cardinology, Talib Kweli: Quality (first half)

Another thing that I catch a lot of hell for is my love of jam bands.  I suppose it takes a certain type to enjoy a 10 minute song with about two minutes of actual lyrics.  But I enjoy the fact that, when you go to a show, you never know what you’re going to get.  Even if somehow you found the set list beforehand, the possibilities of where those songs will go, is endless.  I enjoy that in a live show.

I’m not really sure how to explain the Ryan Adams into Talib Kweli transition.   They are in no way similar.  But I guess that’s just how it works sometimes.  I love scrolling through my iPod to find random stuff I haven’t listened to in a while.  I’m guessing that’s how this came about…
Friday, August 20th

To work—Black Keys: Brothers

From work—Dr. Dog: Shame, Shame, and Justin Townes Earle: Midnight At The Movies

I’ve recently developed a little more of an appreciation for music with an indie tilt (even though, try as I might, I still cannot get into Arcade Fire).  All three of these bands have been in heavy rotation as of late.  The Black Keys are a direct result of a certain Splenda Stealer’s insistence on checking them out.   Coincidentally, I first heard Justin Townes Earle, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, when he opened for Dan Auerbach’s solo show, the lead singer of The Black Keys, so it all comes full circle.  And the new Dr. Dog is just awesome, and needs no explanation as to why it’s in rotation.

Monday, August 23rd

**Special Shuffle Edition!**
To work—Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago (first 4 tracks), Phish: Weekapauge Groove (Live), Ryan Adams: Dear Chicago (Live),  and Pete Yorn: Long Way Down

From work–Men and Whales: Easy To See, (Ed note: he swears this was a random pick)  Wes Montgomery: And Then I Wrote, Thin Lizzy: Baby Please Don’t Go, Deer Tick: Blood Moon, Plain White T’s: Tearin’ Us Apart, Iron Maiden: Strange World, Flogging Molly: Tobacco Island, Beck: Nitemare Hippy Girl, Van Morrison: Madame George, Motley Crue: Looks That Kill, Umphrey’s McGee: Heard It Through The Grapevine (Live)

I decided to do this little experiment for the last day of this diary.  This list speaks for itself in its randomness.  I will say that I was very conscious of what was playing since I knew that I had no control, and that they would be posted for the entire world to see.  I really thought I was getting off easy, and none of my embarrassing stuff would get played, but then Plain White T’s played…I can honestly say that I don’t listen to them.  But.  Are they on my iPod? …Yes.  Try not to judge too harshly…

One thought on “Continuing with the “jazz for breakfast” diet, Wes Montgomery made a lovely addition to my morning commute…

  1. Tom says:

    An eclectic mix. The jazz came as a surprise. Is this a recent interest? Overall my friend, well done!

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