For dessert we had banana bread, blondies and brownies. I exercised self control and only ate a blondie…and a brownie.

For this week’s installment of the “Splenda Stealer Diet,” (a few weeks late) we have my friend and roommate, Rachael, who documented her delectable munchies while on a beach getaway. In between nibbles of hummus, a bar appetizer called “jalapeno bottlecaps” and popcorn and brownies, she sunbathes and enjoys being a beach bum with her cousins before the very last of summer.

Let’s take a look at her week of eating.


Not being shy, here is Rach enjoying a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III.


Tuesday, August 24

Today is my last day in the office before I leave for Bethany Beach, DE, with my cousins and their friends. SO–I try to be healthy. For breakfast I have a smoothie, which has been my new thing since I got a blender in the winter. As per usual, I wait until the clock turns 12:00 PM and 0 seconds to eat my lunch. Today’s lunch consists of carrots, hummus and corn chowder soup (from Hale and Hearty). I tried to make do with the carrots and hummus but it never seems to hold me over.

My ride to the beach was supposed to pick me up around 4pm-ish, however she received a job offer and needed to decide that evening. Needless to say, the night did not go as planned. While waiting around for this girl to make her decision, I go downstairs from my office to Wildwood BBQ and get a beer. Of course one beer turns into beers and then we need food. We indulge ourselves on their FABULOUS Frank’s Red hot boneless chicken wings and jalapeno bottle caps (I also highly recommend the spicy shrimp “Diablo” but we had those last time).

Wednesday, August 25

This morning I awoke bright and early to drive down to the beach. I don’t bother with a formal breakfast, as I’m not feeling on top of my game. Instead I go for a Fiber-One granola bar.  The car ride is four hours and by the time we arrive at our final destination I am famished. I say my “hellos” and head straight for the refrigerator where it is packed with leftovers from my aunt and uncle’s meeting on Monday. I proceed to make myself a salad with chicken, chick peas and other veggies as I am momentarily going to put on a bathing suit.

Around 4pm, we decide that it is time to explore the town and go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. Our first stop in town is at Fisher’s Popcorn for the best sweet and salty popcorn I have ever had. Next stop is the candy shop where we taste but don’t buy. Then all of us decide that we MUST have ice cream. My cousin and I get custard with the hard chocolate shell on a cone while the others go to TCBY. Once we have all consumed our respective ice cream treats, we head to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner.

As soon as we return to the house, we prepare dinner which consists of mojitos, guacamole, chips and salsa, chicken kebabs, burgers, corn, brownies. However simple this may sound, it took us six people and approx two hours to make, but it was a fantastic meal.

Thursday, August 26

My cousin and I wake up at 9am to get an early start to our sun bathing. I grab a granola bar for the beach as I am still full from the night before. Later on, everyone joins us on the beach and for lunch we eat leftovers from Monday’s luncheon and the previous night’s dinner. Throughout the afternoon we snack on candy, popcorn and frankly anything else they have in the house. Around 4pm my cousin’s friends leave and my cousins and I are left to our own devices. One decides to be good—my cousin S goes to the gym. My other cousin C and I decide we will stay on the couches reading until dinner.

For dinner, my cousins take me to their favorite restaurant in town called Grotto’s, an Italian restaurant. Cousin S, sticking with her health kick for the afternoon, orders a salad. The other cousin and I go to town and split onion rings, a Greek salad, and a veggie pizza. We all wash this down with a nice cold Diet Coke. Once we return home, we pop in a few movies and snack on some popcorn and brownies.

Friday, August 27

Today we decide to sleep in and wake up around 10:30AM. I eat yet again another granola bar. Cousin S and I clean up the house since we are leaving this afternoon and another relative is coming for the weekend. We layout on the beach until lunchtime and eat leftover pizza and what’s left of the leftovers from Monday (we are eating these leftovers until they go moldy). After lunch, we decide to layout by the pool as we have to get ready to leave shortly.

Around 4pm we pack up and leave the beach house to go to Baltimore (where my cousins are from) for the evening. On our way to Baltimore we stop into town and get our last fix of candy, which we snack on during the two hour car ride. Plus, we have to get candy and popcorn for my aunt and uncle. We don’t want them to feel left out since they weren’t able to come.

Tonight is also special night–I have Shabbat dinner for the first time in years. I am pretending to be a good Jew. We light the candles, drink some grape juice (there are kids around), and have some challah. For dinner, we eat chicken kebabs (these are much better than the ones we made at the beach house), iceberg wedge with corn and avocados, mashed potatoes and some sort of sweet mashed potatoes. For dessert we had banana bread, blondies and brownies. I, of course, exercised self control and only ate a blondie…and a brownie.

One thought on “For dessert we had banana bread, blondies and brownies. I exercised self control and only ate a blondie…and a brownie.

  1. dad says:

    no wonder u workout 5 days a week. i wont mention anything about sugar because i listen to my daughter. love ya

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