Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

Last Saturday, a few of us went out for our friend’s 27th birthday. We got a late dinner at Otto, after having a few drinks at the bar first, then ventured south of Washington Square Park for a few more cocktails at The Dove Parlour.

After a night of reflection, we’ve come to the following realization:

M: i lose my banana (republic) winter hat

me: nooo! the nubby teal one?
M: it was greyyyy!!
me: noooooo
saddest thing ever
M: i think it was my bday night
every time i have a cocktail in a martini glass i lose an accessory

2 thoughts on “Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

  1. Blog looks good love! Story of my winter life – every time I go anywhere that alcohol is involved I seem to lose a scarf, mitten, hat. Booo


  2. sugarmouse says:

    lool!! no more cocktails then. we’ll just stick to shots 😉

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