A Peek Inside A New Day In A New Year…

200220114-001Woke up as CP was leaving for work. Tossed and turned for another 10 minutes and debated about sleeping in on my last day off, then finally threw off the blankets. Decided I needed coffee before making the bed. Walked into living room to find that CP left the Today show on. Loved how my habits have influenced his morning routine. Switched on the Twilight Zone marathon as I have since I was in single digits. Scrolled through NYE pics on Facebook, shuffled through emails in Gmail. Texted CP to see how things were at work, while sipping my coffee. Pulled a blanket around my shoulders. Inspired by 2013, I stared at my blog while trying to think of an interesting way into talking about resolutions. Got lost in another DIY blog I lurk. Thought about actually becoming active community member by posting comments on bloggers/writers I admire and jotted down ideas for a 365 project my sis and I can share. Stretched my legs out and found that my calves are sore. Remembered that I must keep my yoga trend going in my quest to find ways to calm myself on a daily basis. Work is tomorrow but that doesn’t bother me. Yoga must be working. Fingers jittered slightly from coffee reminded me to go pick at last night’s steak and potato leftovers. Took a deep breath and left one potato chunk behind. Couldn’t do it. Set plate down and looked to see which episode of Portlandia was on and wished I found it more funny since I love Fred Armesin. Remembered I still had to make the bed and dragged myself into my room for more yoga. Felt the potatoes settling during downward dog. Finished practice and then frantically ran around opening windows because it all of a sudden got SO HOT in my apartment. The hissing of pipes somehow got louder with each inhale and exhale. Jumped in and out of the shower then moseyed over to my phone while combing hair to see what CP wanted for dinner. No ideas and still full of potatoes killed any desire I had to cook. But no cooking means no leftovers for lunch so I’m already setting myself up for buying lunch tomorrow even though I’m trying to be more fiscally responsible in the new year. Pouted to myself as I pulled on my puffer coat and tucked my damp hair under my new green hat to leave the nest for the first time in the new year. Filled basket with ingredients for grilled cheese and soup for dinner. Returned home to stock goodies and settled into the couch again to call my sis and see how she fared during her NYE shenanigans. Thought about how happy I was to celebrate the new year with CP. CP came home and I poured myself the last of the wine leftover from the other night. A few more Twilight Zones later, a lightbulb in the overhead light popped and reminded me of how we’ll have to take the Christmas tree down in a few days. And we really need to get another lamp since I can’t stand overhead lights. Now it’s just me on the blog, sharing the first of what I think will be an awesome year.

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