Skillz Envy

I want a lot out of life.

I always have.

The problem with this mantra (#YOLO??) is that sometimes I let this drive me absolutely crazy, which in effect, makes my mantra a moot point.

Sitting on the couch, reading stylish blogs chock-full of both delectable recipes and Instagram pics, and then pouting about how my life doesn’t quite read the same way, is the complete opposite of being productive.

After unwinding from an awesome, longgg anticipated, long weekend full of family, friends, barbeques, and the beach, I woke up a little down. As an attempt to distract myself from feeling the Sunday blues on a holiday Monday, I ventured out to the grocery store, bright and early in the pursuit of making chocolate chip waffles. I even skipped a little along the way.

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Just Do It

The first of every month, my Google Calendar emails me a gentle reminder to “PAY YOUR CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!!!!”. This digitalized ribbon-around-the-finger also pops up on my iPhone. How they synced together I don’t quite know. But, what I do know is that I have the worst mental capacity for checking things off my ever-growing “To-Do” list.

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Ammending My Ways

The other night, CP called me lazy.

Yep. That’s right. Lazy.

ImageHe said that I have the tendency to make simple, small tasks bigger than they are. Of course I asked, “Like what??” and sadly, I could not successfully refute his examples. Yes, I hate brushing my teeth and everything related to getting ready for bed. Yes, I hate having to get up to fish through my purse for my credit card while the site is already on the checkout page. These are all true. But, to CP’s point, this is not what makes me lazy.

What makes me lazy is that I procrastinate so much that when I finally have to do these tasks, it makes them seem so much bigger. When I’m tired, the last thing I want to do is brush, floss, and wash my face. When I’m starving, the last thing I want is to be seconds away from clicking the “order” button, then having to delay my order by having to waste time looking for my credit card. Simple solutions such as getting ready for bed earlier would prevent me from getting cranky as I get ready for bed, and perhaps grabbing my wallet before I sit down to order would also lessen the cranky factor.

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Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane…

Stranded in Astoria.via

Well everyone, needless to say, it’s been quite the week. Not only did many of us experience our first earthquake, but also, the suspense and anticipation of one of the greater natural disasters to hit NYC in over 20 years.

Now, I’ve had anxiety dreams before—in particular, finding myself in my high school French class realizing that forgot to prepare for a presentation that counts for 90% of my grade—but I’ve never had anxiety dreams about waking up in my apartment to find things like Clint’s guitars treading water, next to Janice Huff and Chuck Scarborough. (The 12+ hours of hurricane coverage Clint and I have watched on tv may be to blame.) Continue reading