It’s All About the Details

I’m a very detail-oriented person. For example, when CP comes home from band practice, I ask him questions such as, “How was practice? What did the other guys do this weekend? Are you guys working on any covers?” Of course, that last question always gets the same answer: “No spoilers!” but I ask it anyway. Why? Because I’m fascinated with details. I want to know what was discussed, the tone in which it was discussed, and what that person was wearing while the discussion took place. I’m also a very visual person.

Perhaps this is why I have an obsession with eye glasses. As I’ve gotten older, I find that my sense of style has come into its own–and it’s all about the details. That, and my conscious decision to not buy too much black clothing and lead to me unconsciously buying more gray.

This is definitely a plight not shared by anyone who was ever sent home with a note from the school nurse after a vision screening, but I can’t help myself.

Stupid less than perfect vision, yet not enough to need glasses. Yes, I’m aware of how ridiculous this sounds. I take a little comfort knowing that my obsession isn’t far enough advanced that I would go so far as to wear prescription-free glasses. Yet, I probably try on my sister’s and boyfriend’s glasses too many times. They are very patient.

But…if I could wear glasses…it would be these:

If I could, I’d also add that effortlessly messy chic hair that all French women seem to possess to the cart. How do they do that?! The way her fringe is a little too long and slightly flips over her glasses in a way that’s playful, yet sexy…yet another detail I covet.


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