From The Little Wednesday Addams In Me

I’m going to say something that’s not in the least bit original. Ready for it?

My favorite season is autumn.

Yes, I know. I share the same sentiment with about 95% of your friends on Facebook who have made that same declaration the subject of at least one status message over the past few weeks, or, the name of a photo album. But, I bet you don’t know the true reason why I personally take delight in this season.

Yes, I do love pumpkins, candy corns, mums, the idea of apple picking (not the action), and scary movies playing around the clock on cable. Oh yeah–it’s also my birthday season, and boy do I love presents. But no, that’s not the reason either.

It’s the days when the warm glow of candles and lamps light up your home at 2:30 in the afternoon because it’s so gray outside.


Here is the thing you may not know about me–I LOVE overcast skies; bonus points for the promise of rain.

I know this may not be the popular answer, but it’s just…there’s something seemingly quieter about these days. Just like the hush that follows after newly fallen snow, gray days have a calming effect. Especially in NYC, these days are the true days off, at least, to me. For someone who’s mind is always going a mile a minute, cloudy days help me take everything in stride–everything moves a little slower. Even when I’m out and about, it’s only on gray days when I somehow manage to make the calmness I feel when cozying up at home, portable. It’s as if I can bring this comfort along with me, in an imaginary “to-go” cup.

And then of course, I fret over autumn going by too fast.

amazing photo by red zed, here

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