Happy January

It’s January. Surprise, I know.

Rather than treat the first month of the new year as a fresh start, I tend to just stress myself out.

Behold, my usual string of January thoughts:

It’s been two days of exercise, why do I not have that buns of steel yet?!?

New year, new hairdo?? Am I bored with my hair?

I should be using all down time on projects that I have started and never finished, or planning how to launch my new empire…though not sure what that will be yet…

Essentially, every January, we all want to become new, turn over a new leaf, gain a new perspective that we failed to gain in the previous 12 months.

As I sit at work today (yes, Happy MLK Day to you too bossman), for some reason, I have found a moment to shut off the nervous creative energy, and just stop–and watch the snow falling out the window behind my computer monitor, watch the fresh white dusting outline the Gothic architecture of the Chanin Building across the street, and how even in the snow, the Chrysler Building looks even more luminous.

I sit in my cozy kelly green sweater dress, wrapped in a paisley shawl  around my shoulders (I think the heat is off today in the building) yet I am at content as I compile all the images for my article due tomorrow. Writing, typing, compiling, snug in my desk chair, snow falling, tunes playing on my Nano, and I am at peace in the moment.

Happy January.


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