Sample Sale Love

Oh, how frequently my lunch breaks turn into shopping breaks. At least most of the clothing stores in my office’s neck of the woods in Midtown basically consist of H&M, Banana and Republic, Zara, and Lord & Taylor. And Sephora. If I were near more expensive stores, that would be potentially disastrous/depressing. At least I can find good deals at these stores, most of the time.

Today was definitely a shopping break, rather, a shopping excursion. Every once in a while I will click around the internets to look for sample sales. I found one that was actually close to my office, and the blurb said something about $80 scarves going for $10. Sold.

After about 40 minutes (most of that time spent waiting on a ridiculously long line in a teeny, hot and stuffy room, then waiting another 15 min for someone to break my $20 bill) I ended up with this pretty thang to wrap around myself:

photo-74It doesn’t really go with my dress or coat that I’m wearing today, but I can’t wait to pair it with my non-patterned tops. The scarves are by Bindya Lula, who makes a line made and sold out of NYC for stores like Nordstroms and Anthropologie. This is from her Lula line, the more “downtown” version of her upscale (uptown?) Bindya scarves.

The scarf I came to work in was actually a really pretty blue pashmina, that I got for an even better deal: someone left it at my apt. after my St. Patty’s shindig. After a month of it sitting folded in my kitchen with no claims, it has officially been brought into my rotation of accessories. Just another reason to throw a party: people leave crap at your apt. that you get to keep.

By the way Mike, I still have your sunglasses. They don’t frame my face that well. You’re lucky.

One thought on “Sample Sale Love

  1. Broke Bettie says:

    Gorgeous scarf – what a steal!

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