CVS, Big Brother

Behold, a coupon I received today after picking up a few things from my neighborhood CVS:

Photo 89

A coupon for $4 off a Futuro brace, complete with my name.

I never thought that the CVS kept track of my spending habits, but I guess that makes sense to give the CVS ExtraCare customers a few breaks on the items they buy regularly. Not that I regularly buy braces and splints, but I’ve had a rough year in terms of my foot sprain and wrist tendinitis.

God only knows what else they have on file, ink cartridge ready and waiting to print out my confidential information during my next purchase. Would the next coupon be for Sunkist Diet Orange Soda? Or perhaps Skippy Crunchy Peanut Butter? Or eggs?

While these items aren’t exactly embarrassing, what if I frequently bought something a little more blush-inducing, such as Metamucil, and my coupon for extra-strength Metamucil fell out of my purse, to lay on the floor for someone to find??

Oh, how we are tracked by our habits without even realizing.

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