One Night In PA=Five Life Lessons

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m going to mention it again. Even though I’m 26 years old, at times, I still consider myself a child. Rather than age, I feel that you only act as old as you’ve been out in the real world.

I’ve provided the formula for this theory:

(Current age) – (year you entered the real world) = real age.

According to this theory, I’m only four, hence there are many things I’m still learning about life.

This past weekend, I learned a few life lessons, which I will share with you here.

#1 Don’t get on the bus until your traveling partner has arrived.

Friday, at 5:45 PM I boarded a bus with CP heading out to Wescosville, PA. Spoiled by the fact that most of my destinations have train stations, I’m not used to taking the bus, at least, to another state. I was also not aware that there were a few buses leaving to PA. After sitting on one for about 10 minutes, I realized that there was no way I would be able to save a seat for CP. I was that girl that went against the bus traffic–the one walking back up the aisle while everyone is trying to walk to the back of the bus. I definitely bopped people in the head with my bag full of Subway sandwiches.

#2 In PA, you order lager, not Yuengling.

Raised in Allentown, CP told me this bit of knowledge, to my delight. I love learning regional trivia. While I went to school in PA, I never knew about this, but then again, in college I didn’t drink too much Yuengling. Bacardi (and sometimes Malibu) were more of my thing. Shudder.

#3 The $2 beer does exist.

The Men and Whales show at the Arch St. Hotel (which isn’t a hotel, discuss) was an all around awesome show. Since CP is the bass player, I may be a bit impartial, but given that fact that the Catasauqua locals were rockin’ out too, since you know they are not there to make any new friends, it was excellent. Dancing fiends abounded.

One of the highlights was also just the freaking cheap prices. If you were in the band, Yuengling (we are not in PA anymore) was $1. For me, $2. There are no words to describe everyone’s giddiness.

#4 I do have patience.

Given the fact that it was the band’s holiday show, I berated CP for details about their set list, including what Xmas covers made the cut. I was denied numerous times, but I didn’t pout…much. It was worth the wait.

#5 No matter how many times I’ve said it, I love saying the name Ca-ta-saw-qua.

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